In the language of the bloom (2021)

flute, cello, piano, percussion

(Also available in open instrumentation for 4 players)


Breathe with the Wind (2021)

outdoor sound installation & sound ceremony

Chamber  Vocal  Interdisciplinary

Swimming Under Water in Our Bodies (Sheltering in Epidermis)  (2021) *external link

interactive website digital media

Digital media 

bits of self, at once, in fragments (2021)

Zoom-specific live performance & digital media for two performers 

Vocal  Digital media  Interdisciplinary  Dance

Bridge (2020)

fixed media (processing of voice and piano)

Digital media

Piece for two trees on earth (2020)

digital media for voice and soprano saxophone

Digital media

Elapsed (2020)

solo cello, fixed media

Chamber  Electronics

Time Gradient (2020)

wind chimes, voice, clocks (fixed-media)


Breath-stream (2020) *external link

interactive website digital media

Digital media

CrOsS-sEcTiOn (2020)

soprano saxophone, voice, fixed-media electronics

Chamber  Vocal  Electronics   Interdisciplinary

STAKES (2019)

six dancers with flute, tenor saxophone, cello, fixed-media electronics

Dance  Chamber  Electronics  Interdisciplinary

Peals of Engine (2019)

wind ensemble


glistening ray ["kintsugi"] (2019)

string quartet 


The Phrases of the Moon (2019)

voice, violin

Chamber  Vocal

Mute the Motion (2019)

fixed-media electronics


On the breath (2019)

fixed-media electronics


How the Sky Holds the Sun (2018)

flute, clarinet, percussion, piano, violin, cello


Music Once Again (2018)

mezzo-soprano, flute, piano

Chamber  Vocal

Water Silhouette (2018)

flute, contrabass recorder, percussion, violin, cello, voice/electronics

Chamber  Vocal  Electronics

Sound Momentum (2018)

fixed-media electronics


For each ecstatic instant (2017)

soprano, clarinet, piano

Chamber  Vocal

Sound Transformation (2017)

recorded voices, piano, electronics

Vocal  Electronics

Time Traveling Mind (2017)

violin, piano


Noise of Raindrops (2017)

fixed-media electronics

Vocal  Electronics   Digital media