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An interactive sound site curated by Akari Komura 

A compilation of 15 recordings from15 different locations, date/time, in response to wind streaming across the earth (last updated 05/02/20)


and you are invited to...

  • Explore individual track/location from each wind direction

  • Take a walk

  • Sit in meditation

  • Play/sing free improvisation

  • Take a nap

  • Create your own listening methods

About the project

This project is produced and created by Akari Komura, who is a Japanese composer-vocalist, currently active in Ann Arbor, MI and Orange County, CA. Through our current unusual circumstance of the pandemic, Akari has been exploring ways to connect with people and create space for musicians to perform regardless of time and space synchronicity.


"Breath-stream"(2020) is a composition that centers around a nature element of air through linking human breath and wind current. Prior to playing the piece, each performer is instructed to find out the direction of which way the wind is blowing from at their geographical location using a website, "Earth Wind Map". After recognizing the wind, the score invites the performers to become aware of their individual breath rhythm at first, then to open out the attention to the wind, so the sound is entirely guided by the individual performer to express their internal experience. The collection of recordings has taken place in 13 different locations and times (as of 04/23/20). By creating this website as a platform of performance, Akari hopes to the project to carry on and build the relationships between people as well as with our nature environment through this sonical experience.

participated musicians

(as of 05/02/20)

Aislinn Bailie, Bassoon

Ayana Terauchi, Flute

Bailey Betancourt, Double bass

Bobby Ge, Digital piano

Daniel Lemer, Flute

Francesca Leo, Flute

Grace Lindsay, Violin

Hanna Rumora, Cello

Kathryn Schulmeister, Double bass

Maddy Wildman, Bassoon

Megan Rohrer, Violin

Nigel Deane, Violin

Rachael Higgins, Flute

Shih-Wei, Shakuhachi

Sydney Streightiff, Oboe

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Copyright 2020 Akari Komura

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